Bruce Montgomery. Client Relations.

Bruce has over 15 years experience in client services with Mr. Balena's office. Throughout that time he has worked closely with Mr. Balena and Mr. Hand. Mr. Montgomery has developed expertise in the personal injury field and in particular, motor vehicle accident benefit claims.

He was handpicked by Mr. Balena and Mr. Hand for his exceptional organizational skills and the proven ability to work well under pressure. A keen and articulate individual, he has excellent verbal and written communication skills, yet is discreet when handling confidential issues and always exercises good judgment when responding to issues or requests.

"I’ve had to develop very strong research skills. In this profession you have to marshal a variety of resources in order to get things done quickly and effectively for clients, most often in the midst of disaster."

"There is an endless paperwork jungle our clients must endure, from insurance companies, the medical profession, and from different levels of government. Having someone show them the way lets them concentrate on the important things happening with their lives. I just try to make the entire process easier and ultimately more rewarding for our clients."

Contact Information

1 855 313 HURT

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