Ed Hand. Client Relations - Specializing in Client Care.

Ed understands his clients' needs. He was the victim of a serious car accident that ended his career and left him physically and financially spent. To this day Ed still suffers from permanent hearing loss in one ear.

He knows the trauma a family can experience after a catastrophic accident and he knows what it takes to overcome the countless hurdles between accident and recovery or settlement. He had sued for losses through another lawyer with limited success and was eventually referred to Daniel J. Balena. Mr. Balena turned Ed's case around. It ended the financial nightmare and changed his life forever.

Through their close association, Ed has been able to help hundreds of people and their families. Clients benefit from Ed's experience, support, and friendship to overcome traumatic circumstances and to rebuild their lives. His reputation in the industry is above reproach and he has built a network of contacts to help his clients with their needs. Ed's best references are his past clients whose testimonials tell of the compassion and support first hand. His clients are his number one priority and they benefit from his 24 hour, 7 day a week access and availability.

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1 855 313 HURT


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