Sandy McEwen – Car Accident Testimonial2010

In 2010 we got the call Jenilee had been airlifted to Sunnybrook after her car accident! Barely hanging on. In fact died and they paddled her back to life three times! Two days later I was introduced to Edward Hand of Helping Hand Inc. There isn’t a single soul I would ever go to over Ed Hand! I still remember the day I first laid eyes on him in Sunnybrook Hospital praying my daughter Jenilee would live! Tears in my eyes and pain…so much pain in my heart! He came to talk to us about the help he could offer us in a very unique and powerful way!

He is the movement behind the genius of both Daniel Balena and Edward Hand (Dan and Ed) when it comes to power housing and getting the job done when you are fit to be tied and only have so long to make major decisions in your moments of despair and grief! He spoke gently and kindly and offered all of his service at no charge so there is no fear of what is this going to cost us let alone what is happening with your child and who is going to look after all the work that encompasses the mountains of work and discussions needed when something so tragic happens in your life!

There isn’t anyone I have ever heard of who offers such kind hearted "genuine" care and concern. as this dynamic duo (well there’s more who are all fantastic) but they were my go to guys along with the super organized Bruce who is also the sweetest and looked after more paperwork for us and dealing with the insurance people and paperwork! All they told me was to be Mom, Scott to be a Dad and Ian to be a brother, to be there for my daughter and they would take care of the rest! And you know…they Did!!! In a very big way!

I would highly recommend this team to anyone who is experiencing any problems with accidents to speak to them. If you are not 100% convinced I offer you to call me! I would challenge anyone who has a doubt of any kind to call me, text me or message me on here, and I will help set the record straight with any other legal advice you might have from anyone else, I don’t care who or how well they are known! I am a witness first hand of all they have done for me, my family and especially our Jen.

Ed would come and he would take us to dinner because when your sad and overcome with grief you just need someone who understands and offers nutrition and a small bit of time to take some of the pain away for a bit! Over time we got closer! Any question I had, day or night he would answer for me! He is so knowledgeable and if there was any question, he would contact Dan and speak to him directly and have the answers right back.

What an excellent way to conduct business! The trust and admiration I have for this team is so great that I wouldn’t trust anyone else for any legal question I have ever had! Polite, professional, perfect in every way in my eyes! I have referred and referred! I trust them with my whole heart and soul!

They helped us, we won! In fact I don’t think there has been one case they’ve taken that I know of that they didn’t win! Kudo’s to my legal team! I will never, as long as I live, ever forget all that you have done for us in a way no other lawyer would even suggest contemplating! Thank you for taking us on, thank you for Helping Jen and thank you for helping us through our most desperate moments! You are not only my legal team; you are whom I consider my dearest family!

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart!

Sandy McEwen