Meet Orlyn Loney

Orlyn Loney worked at the GM plant in Oshawa, Ontario. He, like so many others, had a passion for exploring the open road with nothing but two wheels and a motor. But when an object struck him in the face while he was riding his motorcycle one evening, knocking him unconscious and causing him to crash, things changed. In constant pain, unable to work and with bills mounting, Orlyn found himself faced with the fight of his life, and he wasn’t even sure if he had a legitimate claim.

The Accident

It was late summer, 2013, the height of riding season in Ontario, and Orlyn was out on the bike.

“I called Yvonne and told her I was about 15 or 20 minutes from my parent’s place,” says Orlyn. “I didn’t make it. I don’t know what, something flew and hit me in the face and I was completely knocked out.”

When he came to some time later, a stranger was holding his hand and he was seriously injured.

“[It did] my face in,” he says. “I lost my front teeth, bottom and top. A lot of bruising. I broke, I think 11 or 12 ribs, and 8 vertebrae.”

Many procedures and a year of around-the-clock care later and Orlyn was living in near-constant pain, still unable to work and becoming more overwhelmed by the financial burden of the accident every day

A Helping Hand

It was at a local bike show that Orlyn would meet Adam Hand of Helping Hand Inc.

“He gave me some good insight,” he says. “We talked for a good 40 minutes. I told him what had taken place: what, where, why, whatever. And from right there, we just clicked. Two strangers, just clicked…I was kind of on my own until I met him.”

After meeting the team at Helping Hand Inc. and Daniel J. Balena & Associates, Orlyn and his family were able to breathe a little easier knowing that they had a trusted network of experienced and compassionate injury law professionals looking out for them.

“If there’s something they can do, it’s just a phone call away,” says Yvonne. “Whether you’re feeling down for the day and just need somebody to talk to, they’re there, they answer immediately no matter what. Or if you need help getting an occupational therapist, physical therapist, psychological help, anything you can possibly need, if they’re not sure of it they can find out.”

The Way Forward

Orlyn and his family continue to work hard to balance the frequent appointments that now make up their days. The pain is also still very real, but Orlyn has been making strides to reclaim aspects of his former life, including riding, which he now enjoys aboard a three-wheeled motorcycle.

“I don’t think if it weren’t for Adam and me talking, I don’t think I would’ve got on the bike again,” says Orlyn. “Five months later I was on the bike.”